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Best Clip in Hair Extensions for Thick Hair


Posted on March 29 2018

Best Clip in Hair Extensions for Thick Hair

You want length and volume in your hair. If yes The only solution is hair extensions. But it is the most practical solution for a short or long term solution that is not permanent. Clip in hair extensions. And you start  to use clip ins or extensions system, ever get the problem where you find the perfect shade of clip in hair extensions and then realise they’re not going to blend well with your naturally thick locks? THAT. But don’t panic, we have been experience as we have ticked off everything you need to know about finding the best clip in hair extensions for thick hair.

Keep reading to find out why the Sach hair extensions are the best for thick tresses.

Choosing clip in hair extensions for thick hair can prove to be difficult. Unlike finer hair types, it is much harder to get a natural look with hair extensions for thick hair. That’s why it’s important to choose a type of method and hair that’s best for your hair type and will ensure a natural-looking result. If you’re blessed with naturally thick locks but perhaps desire extra volume or a longer length, then take a look at what we believe are the best clip in hair extensions for thick hair below.

Blond Best Clip in Hair Extensions for Thick Hair


Type of Hair Extensions:

The best hair extensions for thick hair are virgin human hair extensions. This is because each strand of hair is sewn to face the same way for a natural finish- which is a characteristic that is hard to achieve with hair extensions for those with thick hair. They also can be treated like our own growing hair and can be colored, styled with heated styling tools to help blend them with your own natural hair, just make sure you apply a heat protector on beforehand!

Clip in Hair Extension Method:

We might sound bias but the best hair extensions for thick hair are clip in hair extensions. This hair extension method allows you to have complete control over the end result, plus, you can add as many clip in wefts as you like until you get a natural-looking result. Our hair extensions also weigh the heaviest, too. The Sach Full Head Hair Extensions in 

  • 16" Inches - 40cm, 160 Grams
  • 18" Inches - 45cm, 180 Grams
  • 20" Inches - 60cm, 200 Grams
  • 24" Inches - 60cm, 220 Grams
  • 28" Inches - 70cm, 280 Grams
  • 32" Inches - 80cm, 340 Grams

which is more than the weight that’s recommended for girls with thick hair.

Also you know, we are manufactured so we can design yor extensions as you wish. I mean high quality costume hair extensions with worldwide shipping.

We also recommend the TRIPLE QUAD WEFT CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS for thick hair, too. These clip in hair extensions are extremely thick as they have three or four wefts of hair sewn onto each mesh, depending on which set you go for. That’s why these are the best hair extensions for thick hair, as there’s plenty of hair to blend with your own growing locks and to ensure a natural-looking finish.

 Best Clip in Hair Extensions for Thick Hair

Length of Clip in Hair Extensions

The length of hair extensions you choose is also really important when purchasing hair extensions for thick hair. That said, if you wish to lengthen your locks, then you’ll need to make sure that the hair extensions are thick from top to bottom to ensure that they blend well with your own hair. As mentioned above, the longer the length, the more the hair extensions weigh and will blend with your hair better. However, if they are too long, then you can always take them to your hairstylist to get them cut and blended in.

We hope you’ve found our tips for choosing the best hair extensions for thick hair helpful. If you have any other questions or require a shade match, then you can contact the team at info@sachhair.com or tweet us at @SachHair



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