Innovative Hair Extensions Sach Hair Extensions Center

Sach Hair provides premium virgin “tape-in, butterfly tape-in, clip in, keratin bond tips and all kind hair extensions made with a unique process which guarantees high quality hair extensions. The tape-in method is the latest and most innovative hair extension method currently available on the market and is the perfect solution to long-lasting semi-permanent hair extensions. You can add length, volume, and chemical free colour with this new hair extension method. Application takes 30 minutes, no tools or chemicals are needed, and the hair is reusable up to three applications.

Superior Quality Virgin Hair Extensions

Our premium high quality and Virgin hair is processed differently which sets our hair extensions apart. We use an advanced eco-friendly technology system to produce high quality human hair extensions that last. During this process, we never use any harsh chemicals or silicones which leaves the cuticles intact, unlike other hair extension companies that use harsh bleaching, acid baths, and silicones during processing which compromise the quality of hair.

Damage-Free Hair Extensions

We are eco-friendly and use only environmentally friendly materials and ingredients during processing to guarantee high quality hair extensions.  Our virgin tape in hair extensions are also made with the medical grade strong adhesive to provide a long-lasting wear. We have a unique water based adhesive certificated with ISO9001 on our tape-in hair extensions which prevent shedding and tangling. This is the most requested hair extension method because this method is damage-free, lightweight, undetectable to the touch, comfortable and extremely durable.


About Sach Hair  

Sach Hair is a hair extension company inspired by fashion, luxury, beauty, and luxury providing high quality virgin hair extensions to salons across the world. We believe hair extensions should give you a virgin and glamorous look without any fuss. We are eco-friendly focused by providing 100% natural hair extensions that require no tools or chemicals and cause no damage. For years semi-permanent high-quality hair extensions have cost thousands and have taken hours, but those days are over with our new Virgin Hair Extensions.

Our Mission

We believe that life should be lived beautifully, with great hair of course. We love fashion, beauty, and creativity. We are more than just a hair extension manufacturer company, we love to help women look and feel better. Sach Hair has even reached international markets such as Dubai, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia European countries and continues to provide beautiful hair extensions worn by women around the world. We are committed to high quality virgin hair that lasts and we even wear our own hair extensions.

Join Us

Since virgin extensions are a new method we have brought salons advanced online training where stylists can learn our exclusive application techniques for the perfect application. From our high quality and Virgin Hair to our Advanced Online Education we are the leaders in virgin hair extensions.