Our Hair Extensions Factory Supply Base

We have metric tones of raw Virgin hair supply form Turkish Anatolian Hair and Uzbek Hair, South and Middle of Turkey and various other regions. Big manufacturers competes for the Virgin hair supply, which has be bought by competitive bidding, and high volume one time purchase. Since we Invest huge in the raw material upfront, we are dedicated for our regular clients, who invest upfront in big order purchases. This gives us space to accomodate the next cycle raw hair supplies, coming from our donation bases.

Production Capacity Of Sach Hair Extensions Factory 

We have a production capacity of 3 metric tones to 4 metric tones, a month. Production capacity is not the issue, the supply of raw material, labours and staff; is dedicated for our existing business model. For this reason, we can expect new clients and new distributors, to integrate with us on the same understanding and same working methodology. We have good machines, well trained labour and excellent Turkish Anatolian Virgin hair supply. We have very advance science for Industrial bleaching of hair, WITHOUT damaging the hair cuticle. We have permanent colouring science, similar to permanent dying of Organic dye stuff.

Numerous Color Combination Ombre Balyage Hair Extensions

multi color of hair factory dye

We primarily make Tepe in Hair Extensions, Keratin Tips I,U,V,Flat Tips. Double Drawn Wefts and Clip-ins extensions. We have a big existing clientele for these. If you order the same, then we can give good pricing as our production batches go in continuation for these extensions. We can make a total of 184 shades. Our primary colour ring has 70 main shades, while the master colour ring has 100 main shades, including the balayages. For end point salons, we make U-tip,I-tip,V-tip and other keratin hair products. We have .8 grams strands as our standardisation. We also make closures and Vigs ( available with main order purchases) and other niche market products like Invisible wefts, Pony tails, Halo hair. The niche market products are majorly for private labeling and high volume purchases. We need a certain production point to make them at a profitability, per colour and per length and total order not less than 100 pieces a time.