Hair Extensions Certificates

Certified Hair Extension training programme on the Turkish Riviera...

How would you feel about taking a Hands-on Hair Extension Training programme with full certification - whilst holidaying in an idyllic location such as Bodrum, Turkey?

International Hair Extensions Academy signature hair extension course has been developed

over the years, perfected by our team always keeping up to date with the latest trends

in the industry. 

Sach & Vogue Hair offers ground-breaking Hair Extensions Courses in 14 different techniques to meet all

your client's requirements. 

We are one of the biggest hair academies in the industry with the most up to date training methods. 

The market is continuously introducing new trends in today’s dynamic industry which makes

this current knowledge a valuable asset for all students.

Our academy specialists in all methods of human hair extensions, this means our knowledge

and expertise is carried through to our courses which ensures that every graduate is armed

with the correct knowledge to provide a great service.

Our hair extension course is ideal for anyone looking to learn hair extensions from scratch,

you don’t need any previous knowledge to undertake this course.

You will be taught and inspired by our accredited trainers who have the technique,

skills and passion to teach. Our elite Hair Extensions Training program is offered

from our dedicated internationally approved training center.

During every class, we will provide you with the skills to start your new profitable business

or improve your existing one with your new skill set.

Students will receive an international certificate upon successful completion of the course. 

This course covers 14 of the most popular hair extension methods used worldwide, 

all of these methods are professional semi-permanent systems.  

When your training is thorough,  advanced and taught by industry leaders who are committed

to see you succeed, the sky is the limit for your business and your revenue.

Upon the completion of the training course, our students are able to start their career in

the field of extensions as an independent technician with endless possibilities. 

Become the most sought after, highly regarded Hair Extension Consultant in your area by training with SACH & VOGUE HAIR International Hair Extensions Academy.


Hair Extensions Certificates


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