What’s The Difference Between Single and Double Drawn Hair Extensions?

What’s The Difference Between Single and Double Drawn Hair Extensions?


What’s The Difference Between Single and Double Drawn Hair?

Single drawn and double drawn are terms used frequently in the hair extension industry to describe different types of hair, however if you are new to hair extensions you may be a little unsure as to what this actually means.

To help you understand the differences, here we shall detail what makes hair single or double drawn, so that you can be 100% sure what you are looking for when choosing a hair extension supplier for your business.

Single Drawn Hair Extensions

Single drawn hair is the standard thickness that many hair extensions are available in, and is a very popular choice for hair extension wearers.  A standard bundle of single drawn hair will contain around 50% full length hairs, and 50% varied length hairs.

What does this mean? An example of single drawn hair extensions

If we take a bundle of 18” Tape in hair extensions as an example, around 50% of the hairs are likely to measure approx 18” - 45 cm with the additional 50% comprising of a combination of lengths which are likely to be between 14” 30Cm -16”-40Cm in length.  This means that the hair will be thick at the tip of the bundle and then taper off slightly towards the end.

Benefits of Single Drawn Hair Extensions

There are many positives associated with single drawn hair extensions, and it is often a popular choice due to its natural finish.  As hair naturally grows from our scalp, each of our hairs will have a different growth rate, therefore an individual with naturally grown long hair will have hair that is thinner at the tips and tapers off towards the bottom.  For clients looking for a natural finish where masses of volume is not important, single drawn hair is a great choice.  Equally, single drawn hair is often cheaper than double drawn hair, however if you trim the ends up by a couple of inches, they can easily be thickened to give the same overall appearance as the more expensive double drawn hair.

Drawbacks of Single Drawn Hair Extensions

The down sides of single drawn hair extensions are that you will find a lack of volume in this type of hair extension.  If you have a client who is looking for a glamorous look, you will struggle to achieve this with single drawn hair extensions and will need to trim off a significant amount of length to achieve this look.  For example, if you are looking for very thick 20” 50cm hair extensions you will need to purchase single drawn hair of 22” — 55Cm  - 24” 60Cm in order to allow enough hair for the extensions to be trimmed and thickened at the ends, so that they still have an overall length of 20”. 50cm  If this is the look your client is after, single drawn hair extensions may not be the best choice, and double drawn could be a better option.

Double Drawn Hair Extensions

When hair extensions are listed as double drawn, this essentially means that within a bundle of hair,  the majority of shorter hairs as described above are removed and replaced with longer hairs.  This means that if you were to purchase 18″ - 45cm hair extensions, the hair would be thick from root to tip, as the majority of hairs (around 70-80%) within the bundle would measure the full 18 inches - 45cm

Benefits of Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Double drawn hair is a great choice if the hair you are after is that of volume and glamour.  As the hair extensions are very thick right to the tip, a full bodied look will be achieved with ease.  As the extensions are so thick, it is also likely that you will not need as many as you would for a full head of single drawn hair extensions, and therefore will not need to purchase quite as many strands.

Drawbacks of Double Drawn Hair Extensions

Although you may be able to get away with purchasing fewer double drawn hair extensions in comparison to single drawn hair extensions, on a strand by strand basis double drawn hair can be more expensive than single drawn, however you are getting more hair for your money.  As double drawn hair extensions are thick from root tip this can make the strands quite heavy in weight.  If you have a client with fine hair this weight may be too great for their hair to support without causing damage, and therefore double drawn hair extensions are not suited to everyone.

Sach & Vogue Hair Double Drawn Hair Extensions

In order to provide you with the best quality hair on the market, all Sach & Vogue Hair  products are double drawn.  This is across all ranges, therefore whether you are purchasing stick tip, nano tip or any other product from us, you will find the hair to be thick from root to tip.  This makes great business sense for all of our trade customers, as it will allow you to achieve a thick and natural look for all your clients at a great price.  There are many benefits of using Sach & Vogue Hair  double drawn hair including:

Thickness of strands allows you to easily achieve a full bodied finish

Each strand is thick from root to tip

Easy to cut, style and blend – even for hair extension fitters without hairdressing training

All of our hair is double drawn, weighs 0.8grams or 1gram and is 100% deluxe human  

We currently stock the following methods of hair extensions:

  • Double Drawn Stick Tip (I-tips)

  • Double Drawn  V - Tip

  • Double Drawn Flat Tip

  • Double Drawn Nail Tip (U-tips)

  • Double Drawn Weft Extensions

  • Double Drawn Tape Extensions

  • Double Drawn  Butterfly Tape in Hair


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