Brown Italian Keratin Roll Strip Keratin Glue

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Weight: 50 Grams

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Roll of Italian Glue Keratin Re Bonding Glue Fusion Flat Tip For All Kind Hair Extension

Micro Capsule Hair Extensions , Brown Color 100% Genuine Italian Keratin Roll Flat Italian Strip Keratin 

This Italian keratin roll strip keratin glue is the strongest hair extension glue available. Its easy to apply and dries clear so its suitable for all hair colours.

For use in re-bonding Flat tip hair extension strands. We are more than confident that our Italian Glue Keratin Roll Flat Italian Strip Keratin are strongest bond on the market and are completely clear, ensuring a flawless and desecrate application.

Great fusion hair extensions are impossible to achieve without quality keratin roll for making bonds. Available in both transparent and colored variants, our high-quality Italian keratin glue roll are a must-have for any hair extensions stylist.

These salon-grade Italian keratin glue roll Strip Keratin Glue are great for making your own pre-tipped hair extension and re bonding tips when you are doing fusion hair extensions.

Being a highly versatile material, our fusion keratin glue re bond Strip Keratin Glue have a wide range of applications. Firstly, you can use them to 'touch up' your client’s existing pre-glued extensions without having to apply a whole new strand. Re-bonding a strand if it gets loosened will save you (and your client) plenty of time and hassle.

Secondly (and mainly), our Italian keratin glue roll are used for making bonds for fusion hair extensions. One thing to note here is that the recommended melting temperature is 200°C - please make sure that your hair extension iron supports it. 

Finally, to match the color of your client’s hair perfectly, you can choose from transparent and colored Italian keratin roll options.


  • Ideal for making keratin fusion Micro Capsule Hair Extensions and all kind hair extensions.
  • Always a solid bond and sturdy hold.
  • Easy to apply, clean up and remove.
  • Italian quality.
  • No unpleasant odor.


  • Quantity: Chooseable Weight
  • Melting temperature: 130°C - 200°C
  • Color: BROWN
  • Premium grade Italian keratin roll for fusion hair extension installation, come with strong viscosity and firmly hold hair extensions.
  • Strip Italian keratin roll melt quickly at the temperature of (130℃ to 220℃), time saving and easy to use.
  • Odourless and harmless, strongly bonded and water resistant, long time lasting and easy to clean, you may find it's natural wearing fusion hair extensions bonding with these Italian keratin roll
  • Especially made Italian keratin roll strip glue for making different types of pre bonded hair extensions, whether you are going to make your own  Micro Capsule Hair Extensions ,  I-Tip -U-V and FLAT tips keratin hair extensions or doing that for your clients, these must be the best choice.
  • Transparent Italian keratin glue beads, Chooseable grams per pack.


  1. Add a drop or two of the keratin bond remover liquid on the bond.
  2. Crunch the bond using removal pliers until the bond turns dry and powdery.
  3. Gently take the hair extension strand off the client’s hair.


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