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Keratin Tip Hair Extensions Human Hair Color #350

Keratin Tip Hair Extensions Human Hair Color #350


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Sach Keratin Hair - Pre Bonded Keratin Tip Hair Extensions 

Keratin Tip Hair extensions in our most exclusive quality Sach Hair

  • The extensions are easily attached by using the connector iron.
  • Mix several colours to obtain a natural result.
  • Our genuine hair extensions you can curl and style as you wish!
  • Sach Hair can be re-used if cared for in the right way.

    50 grams of hair divided into strands. The weight of each strand is depend of lengh 1 gram. (The micro rings are to be ordered separately).


    Normally you need 1-3 packages for a thickening, 3-4 packages for a complete hair extension and 4-6 packages for a super hair extension if you want really thick hair. We recommend that you mix colours to achieve a natural look.


    Daily Care of Sach Hairpieces
      • You can straighten, curl and style our genuine hairpieces any way you like!
      • Always braid your hair before sleeping, working out or playing sport.
      • Brush and de-tangle your hair often – at least once in the morning and once in the evening.
      • Always use Sach recommended brushes when brushing your hair.
      • Use only
    • Sach care and styling products and follow our recommendations as found in the user manual. Check any attachments so that no knots have formed along your scalp.
    • Always de-tangle your hair before you shower and never brush your hair when it is wet.
    • You should braid hair before sleeping. Never sleep with wet hair.
    • Sun, wind and water damage your hair. Do not swim in seawater or chlorinated water and braid your hair whenever you feel that the weather may damage it.
    • We do not recommend that you dye or bleach hairpieces.
    • Keep in mind that hair extensions are not recommended for people using certain medications and for those suffering from certain illnesses.
    • Follow our instructions when you remove hairpieces and use the recommended products so that your own hair will not be damaged.

    Enjoy your fabulous new hair!

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