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Ombre #1-Grey Clip In Hair Extensions

Ombre #1-Grey Clip In Hair Extensions


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Ombre #1-Grey Clip In Clip In Hair Extensions

Color Description

Ombre #1-Grey
Our Ombre shade provides that highly sought after graduation, without the maintenance associated with most Ombre styles. A great option for medium to dark brown ombre hair.

Product Description

7 Total Pieces:

  • One (1) 8 inch 20cm wide weft with 3 clips
  • One (1) 7 inch 18cm wide weft with 3 clips
  • One (1) 6 inch 15cm wide weft with 3 clips each 
  • Four (4) 3 inch 8cm wide wefts with 2 clips each


  • 16" Inches - 40cm, 160 Grams
  • 18" Inches - 45cm, 180 Grams
  • 20" Inches - 50cm, 200 Grams
  • 24" Inches - 60cm, 220 Grams
  • 28" Inches - 70cm, 280 Grams
  • 32" Inches - 80cm, 340 Grams

Sach ® Hair clip-in Virgin hair extensions are the perfect solution for those who want longer, fuller hair without the wait. Sach ® Hair Extensions are top of the line and can be easily placed just by clipping them in without the hassle of glues, tapes or weaves. We use only the highest graded A+ superior quality Virgin human hair available. Sach ® Hair is double drawn providing thickness from roots to ends & uses the best quality thread for the sewing process to ensure the wefts are secure with minimal shedding.

Ombre #1-Grey Clip In Hair Extensions

What makes Sach ® Hair different? Sach ® Hair Clip In Extensions are ultra luxurious extensions that have specifically designed smaller clips with a unique silicone strip that won’t damage your natural hair or scalp.

They will stay securely in place without need for hairspray or teasing of your natural hair, even if you have fine or thin hair.
Sach ® Hair Clip-in Extensions are only made with 100% Virgin human hair and can be washed, styled, blow dried, flat ironed, and/or curled using hot tools, just like your own hair.
Even if your hair color is slightly different, Sach ® Hair will still blend with your hair because it is made with a multi-tonal coloring system which includes many different tones in each set.

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